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QUESTIONABLE ETHICS - The story so far...

Long time fans of HOUNDS will be very familiar with our first production "Questionable Ethics". If you've visisted HOUNDS, you've no doubt noticed the ominous exterior of the facility at the far end of the Kennel Klub bar. What lies behind it? As the very first of our Escape Game Experience, and the longest standing instalation at HOUNDS, naturally the experience has had a number of upgrades and narrative changes throughout it's life time. Lets take a look at the story so far, and what's coming next for our first award winning experience.


When it first released in 2020, "Questionable Ethics" was a tale of 60s hippies who were being kidnapped by the Government for unknown reasons. The hippies were protesting, and so were you, until your friend discovered a way to get inside.

The hippies protesting outside the facility


In 2021, during the "HOUNDS - After Dark" event, the plot thickened. The real culprit behind the facility's questionable ethics was revealed: The Russians (Reminder that the narrative is entirely fictional) During the event, we saw the death of the hippies, and the broadening of kidnap victims from just hippies, to anyone that the facility saw fit for thier experiments.

The hippies took a neon turn at the "HOUNDS - After Dark" event

Additonally a new character host took over: The Russian hitman, who drank a lot of vodka, and even though they worked for the facilty, they despised what it stood for. It turned out that they were being FORCED to kidnap people. But this character had enough, and you were going to be the one to change it all.

With the hippies gone, a new character host takes over.

At this time Hooded entry to the facilty was implemented to really sell the kidnapping procedure, but when the time came, your kidnapper would switch sides and ensure your escape from the facilty where victims would be able to tell of thier first hand accounts of the questionable ethics going on inside.


In 2022, the story of Dr Odds became a running narrative throughout the experience. The video diaries of the newest phychologuist to join the facility's workforce were released on the facilty screens, telling the tale of his bright-eyed start at his new job, to his tragic brain-washed end. This reveal came with a facelift for the whole experience. The facilty adorned it's true soviet persona with red and yellow propaganda galore. We also saw the introduction of Kendra, the AI that runs the facility.


It all lead to this. The latest reveal of the "Questionable Ethics" storyline is coming soon, with yet another advancement of the narrative. We don't wan;t to spoil it for you, but Kendra (Also known as K3NDR4, the AI that runs the facility) has reached her full potential. The story will be fully fleshed out, with more character and higher stakes.

Worried you've missed out?

It doens't matter what stage you may have played "Questionable Ethics" at, as the core gameplay has remained the same throughout it's storyline. However, if you played it several years ago when it was first released, it may be worth coming back to play it again to see how the world has advanced. You may find a few new surprises and referances since your last visit.



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Hounds escape game experiences crawley near to gatwick brighton london west sussex best escape room
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